Tfa radio tower

I made this like 7 months ago thought I should share. Happy Valentines day too I guess.


TFA HOLLOWEEN MAP W.I.P!15dBWCIR!b4PeaFUWdbE4bAA_a3C4JSjKk-BbvWFQOd57pVT-qjI click link to download map! Only koofguy’s house is done so far. More to come soon.

Its happening for real now.


Message me on steam for more info!



Get ready, Get set, and get pig slaughtering for The TFA: September of Survival. Saturday September 28th. Prepare for a wood punchingly good time filled with death,creation and people screaming the word creeper into there microphones.  This time we are going ALL OUT, and by ALL OUT, we mean classic survival! No teleports, no spawning other items, just good ol’ survival skills fun. JOIN US ON THE GREAT, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, AWESOME, FAN-LOVING, KOOFGUY’S SERVER. Hold onto your newly-added-to-minecraft horses, this will be one amazing, survival adventure. BTW Here’s our Shnazzy little bannerITLL BE JUST LIKE NAKED AND AFRAID, BUT WITH MINECRAFT CHARACTERS.

4th of July 2013

TFA 4july


I made this because I was bored so I thought I might share it! Sitcom Centrel ~WeTheOneOW! YOUR SCROLLING HURTS


  • Its that time of year where we have a somber get together remembering all who have died to make TFA possible. This year I’d like to start by volunteering Koofguy up for a ritual sacrifice. Nah I’m just kidding, it is the time we celebrate our rag tag group of gamers still all being friends after so long. I honestly believe we are the twenty-first century equivalent of the kids around the block. Instead of getting the gang together to head out and hit the baseball field we message each other and virtually hang out. I think that’s amazing not only technology but also showing that friendship has no bounds. This year (for all who can attend) we are having a Minecraft hunger games party. I really hope most can come SOME TIME NEXT WEEK AT 3:30 PACIFIC TIME! (see pole below)  Try and get on Skype early so we can set up. Thanks to three great years and hears to 3 more!


pole closes Sunday at midnight

Tata for now!

Hey soup here i’m going to be gone for the week.I was gonna tell u all on steam but Koof had to be gone all day! Gonna be in Branson, Mo for a week having a good time in redneck Hollywood. I bought my first Pokemon game ever (black for ds) to pass the time. Played my brother Sten’s gameboy version years ago allot and played this one when i borrowed it. When i come back i’m going to rush and finish some TFA 3rd anniversary stuff so be ready for that! -Yer ol’ pal Soup I will be back on (i think) SaturdayQUIT SCROLLIN OVER MAH PICTURE JERK

Farewell Chutney!

As some of you may know I have got together with a few friends to help build up a new community we have made called “TheGameHut” we have got a team of website developers ( building are website ( and we have a 24/7 minecraft server ( I don’t wanna come back because of how big it has gotten.

And we also have a Youtube Channel (

So this is my final post and I hope you will grow as a community.

I’m sorry!

For the final time -Chut


Seriously am SOOOOO disapointed in the fact that no one seems to post ANYTHING I tried to get people caring again with the event.. that never worked out and I also thought it would get other people posting again I am going to try and post like crazy for a while till we get back into the swing of things. Just because we have school doesn’t mean we can’t have events, skype conversations and Minecraft PAAAAARTEEEEHHHZZZ!!@!@!!!111@@!11 so lets not be shut out in the dark. WERE GONNA MAKE OUR FOUNDING FATHERS PROUD AND GAME ON. AMEEEEEEEEERICAAAAAAAA AMERRRICAAAA GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON THE AND CROWN THEY FOOD WITH KOOOOFGUY HOOD LOL CHUT IS BRITIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISH. P.S has anyone seen Wreck it Ralph ? I saw it with mah girl-friend today (no seriusly thats possible now, science can do anything.)  anyways it was freaking awesome, and the refrences were brilliant. anyways if you don’t comment within 3-4 days imma spam the crap out of your youtube message box just so I know we all got the memmo to POST POST POST!   p.p.s I wanna bring tfa talks back sooooo bad. Chut message me on Youtube we gotsta do this – —-  SOUP/WTO


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